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Sample Databases and Code

If you want to experiment with sample code and forms, this universal sample includes typical forms, tables, queries, code, reports, and much more.  Provided as an mdb, however it will run in Access 2016 as well.

Use this to see one of our development examples for small quick projects.  It is by no means a full example of work we do, today our projects can be very large and utilize many new design approaches and coded solutions.

This is provided free of license, for pulling sample code.  It is not intended to be used for production or other commercial development.  You may not sell or otherwise use this sample content without explicit written authorization by Rivercity Technology Services Ltd.  By downloading the file, you agree to this.

User name for this sample database is ‘Admin’ and password is ‘admin’


Drill Logger

sample includes:

  1. simple user login experience
  2. Searching for data
  3. Subreports
  4. Reports
  5. queries and how to use them with parameters
  6. Menu design
  7. VBA use for events
  8. Form design
  9. buttons to call external program
  10. setting defaults
  11. macros
  12. modules