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Asset Tracking and IoT

Our Asset Tracking solutions include several advanced IoT components and modern design.  In November of 2017 RCT won the Rural Crime Challenge innovation award, and has been rapidly developing prototypes for several markets where asset tracking or asset security is required.  Founded on a drive to secure bee apiaries, our software and hardware has gone through several iterations and is ready for further testing scenarios.  Our solution is practical for asset tracking, asset monitoring, power state monitoring, temperature monitoring, and much more.  We develop using the future as our model, and believe in being ahead of the curve to innovate new solutions for traditionally difficult to secure problems.

RCT currently works with Governments and Law Enforcement to provide custom designed asset security solutions.  We tailor our solution to your requests, and custom build component level specifications which mate with web apps, mobile apps, cloud databases, and other data linked tools.  Our innovations are unique, advanced, and proprietary to the marketplace.  Our software is also customized to meet exact needs of our clients.

Our asset trackers currently have several packaging and activation options.  We offer unique options for unique requirements.

If you would like to acquire an asset tracker customized to your needs for testing purposes we are currently accepting orders for customers willing to work with us on a trial basis.

Call us for more information at 306-986-8888.