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April 2016

NZ(me.thisfieldhasnovalue,"Evaluating Nulls") Using NZ does ONE evaluation step which gets the data you requested from a field or formula (if it is NOT null), otherwise it will pass in a new value to use in it's place so the formula or expression does not break due to a NULL.  This is required in a lot of scenarios due to the fact you can not evaluate "nothing" to...

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In creating a new report I needed a SQL View for an Access report on quarterly results.  The resulting code is actually quite simple, and because I use a view the report is very quick on a large set of data. SELECT     TOP (100) PERCENT COUNT(TrackNum) AS Tracks, YEAR(StatusDate) AS year, { fn QUARTER(StatusDate) } AS quarter, StatusCode FROM         dbo.StatusHistory GROUP BY YEAR(StatusDate), { fn QUARTER(StatusDate) }, StatusCode ORDER...

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